CytoTrap – adaptor for cytocentrifugation (under development, functional samples available)

  • an adaptor for cytocentrifugation in conventional centrifuges with the swinging rotor
  • developed to match to common 50 ml centrifugation tubes
  • developed for use with coverslips with diameter up to 15 mm
  • optimized for coverslips with diameter 12 mm
  • possibility to perform whole steps of the protocol in the same adaptor: from (cyto)centrifugation and washing to staining
  • the low consumption of the used solutions
  • the spotting area diameter up to 10 mm
  • autoclavable
  • high temperature and chemical resistance
  • made from PTFE (Teflon)
  • fully compatible with the different fixation/permeabilisation protocols including formaldehyde fixation and Triton X-100 permeabilisation
  • if necessary, sample can stay in solution during the whole procedure


Examples of applications:

Read more about CytoTrap here



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